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Get Clear: 20+ Templates

Click here to access the following templates:

  • Money - Four-Step Budget
  • Career - Plan Your Next Career Move, Professional Development Strategy, Job Interview One-Sheeter, Project Plan Template, Networking Tracker
  • Life Coaching - Life Checklist Template, Wheel of Life Coaching Exercise, Wheel of Aliveness, Decision-making Template, Ten Questions to help you Stop Thinking and Start DOING
  • Organization - Simple Appointment Tracker, Clear Your Clutter, Moving Checklist
  • Health & Fitness - Weekly Fitness (or Activity) Tracker, Triathlon/Half-Marathon/Marathon Training Template, One Month Health Challenge
  • Dating & Relationships - Break-up Processing Template, Pining Prevention Plan, The Meet Market
  • For Authors - 15-tab Book Marketing Spreadsheet

Get Organized: Tips & Tools

Inbox Freedom Webinar series

Tips for productivity and reducing email overwhelm (with Pierre Khawand)

Writing-related Resources

Additional Audio & Video

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