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Life After College - Budget Template Preview
Life After College - Budget Template Preview

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Four-Step Budget Most budgets are too cumbersome to be useful. Check-out this handy 4-step budget: After filling in income, must-have expenses & nice-to-have expenses, you'll get a "monthly allowance" for you to spend on discretionary items as you'd like.


Job-Interview One-Sheeter This template condenses nine key questions into a one-page "Cliffs Notes." Quickly articulate your answers to 9 key areas, including: strengths, goals, work-style, ideas, challenges you've overcome, questions & an answer to that dreaded "weaknesses" question.

Plan Your Next Career Move This template will help you start to lift the fog on your career — it breaks down various categories within a job or career (location, company size, type of work, etc), and provides space for you to brainstorm a list of must-haves, nice-to-haves, and can’t stands for each area. Think of it like an “ideal mate” exercise, but for a job — arguably an even bigger commitment given how much time we spend at work!

Career Change: Network Email Mad Lib This template outlines exactly how to reach out to your network once you're clear on what you want to do next, and what you bring to the table. Simply fill-in the blanks, personalize, and voilà! You're ready to send to your inner circle so they can help keep feelers out for you. (Go to File --> Make a Copy to save a version for yourself)

Professional Development Strategy This template has three strategy areas: Your Vision (brainstorm about desired impact, what you want to do & have), The What (skills, knowledge, education, experience), and The How (quarterly benchmarks & resources).

Project Plan Template This is a simple project plan template (though fancier than the thumbnail preview indicates). "Done?" column cells change color automatically if you type "Yes", "No," or "In Progress."

Networking Tracker Track contact info of people you meet that you want to follow-up with. No need to refer back to business cards - info is easily accessible online (& centralized). Skim through your list every few months & follow-up.

Life & Coaching Exercises:

Wheel of Life The Wheel of Life is a commonly used coaching exercise. It can help you examine each of the areas of your life and determine where you want to focus your attention. Template bonus: the cells automatically change color based on the values you enter.

Wheel of AlivenessThe Wheel of Aliveness is a take on the Wheel of Life, and helps you rate your current state of "aliveness" on 12 dimensions: Movement + Play, Dance, Nature, Water, Community, Laughter, Learning + Creativity, Challenge, Commitment, Gratitude + Positivity, Letting go, Light and Love.

Decision-Making Tool Weighing a big decision? Pro/con list not doing the trick? This template will help you break down fears/concerns and brainstorm next steps to move you forward.

Ten Questions to Help you Stop Thinking and Start DOINGThis is a self-coaching exercise that will walk you through ten questions to help you move forward on a major idea, life goal or decision. You might also reflect on the questions one week at a time, jotting down notes as new ideas come up.

Life Checklist Template The principle of the life list is simple. You list all the things you want to do in life - big and small - then cross them off as you do them. This template will help you create a life checklist of your own. Remember: have fun and dream big!

16 Thought-Starters for the Year Ahead It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on a routine set of goals -- and then it’s no surprise that we end up letting them fall by the wayside because they feel dull and uninspiring. Here’s a twist on your next New Year's list -- 16 thought-starters to help you come up with a handful of meaningful yet interesting ideas to kick-off the new year.

Dating & Relationships:

The Meet Market Just graduated? Moving to a new area? This template will help you brainstorm ways to meet new people.

Pining Prevention Plan This template will (hopefully!) help you get over someone, even if you weren't in a serious relationship with that person. See also: Break-up Processing Template.

Break-up ProcessingIf you are going through a break-up or still trying to get over someone, these 20+ questions will help you sort through your thoughts, mourn your losses, and start to see your situation more clearly.

Health & Fitness:

Super-Simple Skill (or Habit) BuilderStudies show that we can build habits or a new skill in as little as five minutes a day for five days, aided significantly by tracking our progress. So why not give it a shot? Use this template to track your progress, with a few reflection questions at the end. Bonus: do this together with a friend and share the same spreadsheet!

Weekly Activity Tracker Set the target goal for each activity (ex: run twice per week, strength training three times per week), and the spreadsheet will give you a countdown as you check them off. It also totals your minutes per week, w/notes column.

One-Month Health Challenge **Note: click on second tab below to see full template** This template allows you to track a health challenge that you design with a friend - holds you accountable and makes checking things off fun!

Triathlon / Marathon / Half-Marathon Training TrackerThis template has four tabs: training schedules for a triathlon, half-marathon, tri- and half-combined, and a full marathon. Great for tracking your progress & even better if you can share with a friend for accountability (separate tab for each person).

Organization & Time Management:

Moving Checklist Template Moving is a big task -- use this template to keep track of all the various aspects of moving out of one home and into another.

Clear Your ClutterThis template will help you identify the area of your house that has most clutter and create a plan for removing it. Clear house, clear mind!

Simple Appointment Tracking Use this simple spreadsheet to track all of your recurring appointments and the relevant contact information in one place, then schedule reminders to actually make the next appointment one month before you are due.

Ideal Day Mad Lib Fill-in-the-blanks in this fun document to articulate what your ideal day looks like. Bonus points: do one version for your WILD AND CRAZY vision, then do another for your ideal average day — what an energizing "regular" work-day might entail.

Time Tracker & Schedule Blocker Especially great for those who are self-employed or have flexible schedules, the time tracker and schedule blocker template will help you analyze where  your time is currently going and help you put your ideal average day plan into tangible weekly terms.

Business Templates:

15-Tab Book Marketing Spreadsheet 15-tab spreadsheet to help authors get organized (and stay sane!) around their book promotion. Tabs include: online promo, offline promo, advance copy distribution, book tour, etc.

Ultimate Website Checklist Template Everything you need to know to launch, re-launch or re-brand a website — strategy, design, development, copywriting, launch-planning and last minute details.

For Bloggers: Editorial Calendar Template for 2017 This is the format I use to plan posts and newsletters; particularly helpful if you have multiple contributors, sites or guest posts. *Update for 2015: Now includes a social media planning tab!

Systems & Strategy for Working with a VA A detailed look at what to delegate, how to efficiently set-up your systems, and what pitfalls to avoid.