I can't believe it, but I turn 30 years old today. Me! The founder of a humble little website called Life After College way back in 2005, when I thought that the experts in their 30s who were talking about post-grad life were ancient (#facepalm #karma #lookwho's30now) and therefore I should add my perspective by launching my own website. And yet I'm grateful for that judgey little impulse, because it launched me on an incredibly rewarding 8-year journey since. Jump on over to JennyBlake.me to read my full birthday post, in which I reflect on insights from a growth year — the naked feeling of shedding old skin to grow into new habits for health and happiness. Or click on the animated gif below: an ode to my yoga practice, which pretty much saved my sanity this year :)

Jenny Blake Yoga (Teardrop Forearm Stand) — Inscope Arch at Central Park NYC