7 Great Money Management Websites

An interesting article ran in the New York Times today: Lose Confidence in Your Bank? Try the Web. The article says that despite people's growing mistrust in banks, they are placing more trust in online financial management tools. Unlike the economy, registrations are up not down, and people are getting smarter and more disciplined about how they manage their money (which is a very good thing). Below I've shared the financial tools mentioned in the article and a few other helpful sites. Seven Great Online Money Management Sites

Mint Mint pulls financial information from all of your accounts (for example: checking, savings, credit card,  investments, mortgage); shows spending trends, allows you to create and manage budgets and sends weekly or monthly financial summaries via email. You can also text Mint to receive an instant update on your account balances, or download its free iPhone app for instant access.

Credit Karma Allows you to check your credit score for free as often as you'd like.

Smarty Pig A "social savings" account that allows you to share savings goals with friends.

Wesabe In addition to online account management features, Wesabe describes itself as "part money management tool, part community."

Cake Financial A system to specifically help you manage and view investment accounts.

Thrive Also similar to Mint.com, Thrive brings all your credit card, checking, savings, retirement, and investment accounts into one place so you can "easily see what you have, what you owe, and where you can grow." Rudder Rudder's best feature is it's detailed financial summaries - delivered straight to your inbox. Account management features are in line with the other websites above.