A Simple System to Achieve Your Goals

So this might seem contradictory given my post 'Enough.' last week about appreciating exactly where you are, but I just came across a GREAT resource online called "A Simple System to Achieve Your Goals." The author, Paul Myers, has developed an e-book (29 pages) and accompanying workbook (34 pages) that walk you through brainstorming exercises to help you set goals for the life you'd like to have. Examples of exercises in the workbook include:

  • If your life could be anything you wanted it to be, what would it be right now? (friends, house, leisure time, work, learning, vacation, etc)
  • Permission goals (things you could do right now but haven't given yourself permission for)
  • Things to get rid of (habits, people, etc. that you would be better off without!)
  • Inventories (skills, contacts, finances, interests

Myers says "Someone once remarked people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do planning their futures. From what I've seen, this is almost universally true. The exceptions are the true successes in life."

I couldn't agree more! How much time do you spend on goal-setting or "lifestyle design" versus watching TV? While there is a time and place for big picture planning and I don't advocate obsessing over goals, all of us could probably give a little more time to our most important work - figuring out what we want for our lives (and others') and going for it!

Click here to download the free guide and workbook to get started.