August Miscellaneum

Someone send me to blog detention. I've been meaning to write a summer "Hodge Podge" post for two weeks -- but procrastinated instead, thereby missing the boat on several key announcements. Doh! Speaking of which, I came up with a four-part reminder whenever I get stressed or start taking a doomsday view on my to-do list:

  1. Nobody's dying.
  2. I'm not curing cancer.
  3. Everyone can wait.
  4. It will all get done.

Do you have a similar mantra to counter out-of-proportion overwhelm?

LAC Book summary featured on The Personal MBA

Amazon often shows that people buy my book with Josh Kaufman's Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business (a GREAT read) - so I was excited to contribute a book summary with the ten most salient points from the book. Although it's hard to summarize the dozens of tips from each chapter, I've done my best to choose the most important ones, and have included two new templates! Read the post here, and enter your email on the righthand side to receive more of Josh's great book summaries in the future.

20 Something Blogger Summit: Conference Pass Giveaway

I have the great honor of being a keynote speaker for the inaugural 20SB Summit in Chicago in three short weeks. If you're interested in attending, I'm giving away two conference passes on the Life After College Facebook page (though you'll still have to cover travel expenses). There will be 200 awesome bloggers in attendance, and two tracks of sessions focusing on application and aspiration. Enter to win by commenting on the contest prompt by the end of day today (Tuesday, August 2).

Location Rebel Case Study

For those of you who want to hear more about my decision to leave Google, I'm one of three featured Location Rebels for Sean Ogle's new course. Although his program is now closed (sold out in less than an hour!) you can read my inaugural story here. Here's an excerpt that I haven't yet shared on this blog:

I’ve always prided myself on being an independent woman, but for a long time I felt like I could only go out on my own once I was in a stable, long-term relationship (ie when pigs fly, for those who know me well :). I thought that would give me the safety net I needed in case I fell short on income one month or wasn’t able to pay my bills.

But I quickly realized that if I was going to do this, I had to be ready and willing to do it all on my own; not to put my dreams on hold for someone else or some uncertain future state. I also realized that I am rich in friends and family; people who want what’s best for me and are willing to provide support through the big transition.

Links I love:

August Health Challenge

If at any point I get grumpy this month, blame it on the modified cleanse I'm starting. We've been having a great discussion on Google+, which began with my shameful confession about indulging in Panda Express and a Snickers bar at the airport on Sunday. New low. That's it! I thought. Time for a change.

I've become too reliant on coffee, sugar and bad foods as a crutch for low energy (and boredom/procrastination), and they're causing mood swings and an energy rollercoaster that I know can largely be avoided.

Here's how I've crafted my personal challenge (I'm doing this with a friend for added accountability):

  • 21 days no alcohol, refined sugar or caffeine
  • Minimize significantly: wheat, beef, dairy, processed foods
  • Exercise at least 20 min/day 5 days a week, with yoga at least once per week
Anyone interested in joining? If so, here's a copy of the template my friend and I are using (c'mon, you know I don't lift a finger without creating a template to help!)

How about you - any fun links, productivity or health tips to share for this month's miscellaneum?