Birthday Business Bundle: Pay What You Want for Systems Ninja

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Lots of exciting learning opportunities for solopreneurs and side hustlers this Fall! We are in the thick of back to school mode, so sharpen your pencils—and your marketing and systems skills—with an awesome suite of offerings :)

  • In honor of my birthday on Friday, I'm giving you a present! Pay-what-you-want pricing for my 5-day Systems Ninja course from now until midnight on Friday, October 9. What's a fair price? The live course was $179, the recorded bundle is $97, or you could pay $32 since that's how old I'm turning—but you can get it for whatever you want to pay, even if that's zero dollars! Sign-up here to get your systems ninjary on :)
  • I'm excited to be participating in a giveaway this month for Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch course. For one lucky winner, he's giving away 20 fully-paid coaching sessions with a great group of entrepreneurs, authors, and business strategists. Get all the details and enter to win here
  • If you are thinking of creating courses as part of your business strategy, check out Ruzuku's Roadmap to Earning Your First $5K. I use their platform for hosting all of my courses (for 5+ years now) and love it!

Behind the Business: Lucent

  • Check out the recently revamped Lucent List Tumblr! We pivoted to curating content related to meditation and mindfulness instead of maintaining the app itself. Our strengths as a team were in having our pulse on the best content, but the app was too much to handle as a side project for all of us (and there are some other powerhouse meditation apps that can serve you well!). With Lucent List, we sift through the noise to bring you the latest research, articles, courses, and events related to meditation.

Blake thinks having “daily reflection” and an “evening wind-down routine” can help people make their days more energizing and exciting. She encourages success journalers to ask themselves these questions: “When did I feel the most in the zone? What type of work recharged my batteries? What work drained them?” By doing so, “That can also help people understand what to do more of and what to do less of, and how to structure their day,” she says.

5. See the positive in every day

“There is the Native American story of the grandfather speaking to his grandson,” says Jenny Blake. “The grandfather says, ‘We all have two wolves fighting inside us, good and evil. One is joy, and the other is fear.’ The grandson asks, ‘Which one lives and which one dies?’ And the grandfather says, ‘The one you feed.’”

Blake continues, “It’s so easy at the end of the day to focus on what didn’t go well, what we don’t know yet, why we’re still confused. All this stuff is creating anxiety. And that anxiety tends to be more consuming than the small, joyful moments. So creating any kind of gratitude or reflection practice feeds the joy. And it’s really important to do this, because it is not our instinct.”

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