Book-a-Day Giveaway Week! Lead Without Followers by Dave Ursillo

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on last week's post! As a thank you for being such a wonderful community of readers and friends, I'm hosting a book-a-day giveaway this week...get excited! September is one of the big months for book publishing, and I've got some awesome books to share with all of you. I'll post an entry each day this week (bear with me, email subscribers!) and you'll have until Friday at 6pm ET to enter to win a copy of each book by answering that post's question prompt. I'll choose the winners via early next week.

Lead Without Followers - by Dave Ursillo

Dave is an incredible man and writer -- deep, thoughtful, heart full of gold -- and his road to publishing has been a long winding one. He, more than anyone I know, has demonstrated unwavering fortitude, resilience and committment to releasing his ideas into the world.

After over 200 rejections from literary agents between 2008-2010, Dave decided to self-publish his book Lead Without Followers (be sure to also check out his post 16 Reasons Your Literary Agency Shouldn't Hire Me).

I really admire the drive it takes to self-publish a book -- you're a lone ranger managing every single aspect of the process -- writing, editing, designing, printing, selling -- so I'm thrilled to be able to support Dave's launch this week. A few words from the man himself:

[youtube id="9NIaH9nlKw0"]

Download a free sample chapter, and check out Dave's website for more details on how to purchase the book. Update: Dave is also doing a special live video event on Vokle tonight at 10pm ET, and I'll be making an appearance! Would love to see you there :)

To enter to win a copy, answer the following question in the comments:

What qualities do the leaders you most admire exhibit? How do you strive to be a leader in your own life?