Big Day for Brazen Careerist!

I'm happy to help spread the word about Brazen Careerist's re-launch today. Like many Gen Y bloggers, I credit Brazen with propelling me and my blog further out into the world by introducing me to dozens of talented, smart, passionate, interesting people. Most of my "real life" friends and family think of me as a crazy (yet lovable, right?) technology and internet freak, buried in a world of blogging, tweeting, feed-reading and deliciousing that is completely foreign to them. Thanks to Brazen and resulting conversations on Twitter, I've been able to connect with awesome people who get it. The Brazen community on Twitter is also how I met one of my now closest friends earlier this year. Priceless!

Brazen forms community around ideas and people - a powerful combination. It gives new bloggers a voice in an otherwise crowded blogsphere, allowing ideas to win out over massive marketing and promotion. As the Brazen team puts it, "Traditional career sites focus on experience, something young professionals just don’t have. In a world where experience wins, the best way to level the playing field is to empower your ideas."

So if you haven't already, head on over to Brazen Careerist to check out the new features (which include a fan feed much like Facebook, an improved profile page, and a spot to post your resume).

To quote the endearing and hard-working Ryan Paugh, Brazen's Community Manager, "We have a better chance of success if we help each other get there." Amen.