Career Exploration: Taking a Fanstasy Job

This exercise is adapted from a book called Resonant Leadership. I have many friends who are in transition between jobs - and more still who are wondering what's next in their career. You may find this exercise helpful for articulating job qualities that are compelling, interesting and most importantly, thrilling. Exercise: Taking a Fantasy Job

1. Imagine that the following three things have occurred: you enter a machine and after a few minutes you have the body, knowledge, and capability to do any job - and do it well. You are given the financial resources and certifications based on your new capabilities. For one year, you are free of all personal, social and financial responsibilities in your current or desired life.

2. List 5-10 jobs you would love to do or try. Consider a wide variety - in sports, music, medicine, politics, etc. Consider working in other countries. Consider jobs you have heard about or seen in movies or on television.

3. Choose three jobs in your list that most interest you or seem the most exciting or rewarding. Describe them in more detail, including what you will most enjoy or look forward to about each.

As you read your descriptions, do you notice any themes or patterns? How are these jobs similar? Are there activities that are part of each? Are there conditions of work that are part of each?