Video: Celebrate What You Want to See More Of

You all know how much I love when the LAC community can help people out with their big goals. The other day Al Smith, a long-time reader and all-around awesome guy, reached out to me about HIS big scary goal -- a book on career advancement, the origins of which started after he was passed over for a seemingly shoe-in promotion himself. Al was devastated, and determined to unlock what went wrong and how to move forward. Al currently has 486 survey respondents, but he's looking for 1,001. The survey only takes 5 minutes -- will you help him close the gap? I'd take all 515 if I could! I will report back in my next post on how we did :) Here's the link:

Now I bring you my first video update in AGES -- huge thanks to Monique Johnson for filming!

[youtube id="O0RVqhy_Vj0"]

Your assignment: make a list of 25 things you're proud of (right now!) -- either from the last week, the last month, the last year, or your whole life! It will honor how far you've come, and give you an extra boost of motivation when you're getting ready to tackle your next big goal.

Looking for the inner confidence it takes to go after a big goal? My good friend Molly launched her Fierce Love Course this morning. If you do nothing else, watch her super moving video at the top of the page. 

Creating your own video handshake

I have to say a little bit more about Monique -- she's another super long-time LAC reader (and now good friend) who helps clients "create a virtual handshake that will make your business (or blog) stronger, sexier and have clients lined up at your door."

I cannot recommend her services highly enough! Monique is fun, creative and incredibly passionate about telling stories through video. If you sign-up for her newsletter, you can also get instant access to her new video course.

Two upcoming speaking gigs: you're invited!

The first is tonight (Wednesday) -- a live video Q&A call with me at 8:30pm ET, hosted by The Young Entrepreneur Council. Grab a glass of wine and join from your living room!

The second is a day-long event in Syracuse on April 3 called the WISE Symposium (Women in Support of Entrepreneurship). We were asked to submit a picture of ourselves with a word that describes us. It seemed so odd to say something like, "I am...fabulous! brilliant! a rockstar!" so instead I turned the focus back on all of you -- feels much more true to what I'm all about anyway. I'd love to see you in Syracuse if you live in the area!

Jenny Blake - WISE Symposium: "I am...rooting for you!"


Celebrating Valentine's Day with Everyone

P.S. Speaking of video, another reader -- Jeremy Wisuthseriwong -- sent me this awesome video of how he celebrated Valentines' Day last week. I absolutely love seeing how his gesture of "one love" just lit everybody up!

[youtube id="B5LGzQMlrpI"]