Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself: October

You guessed it! Time for another peek into what really makes me tick when it comes to reading blog posts, and better yet - what I hope you'll get value from reading too. Consider me your own personal Google Reader for the day. There are several themes I want to highlight this month: with the economy in a nose-dive, it becomes critical that each individual really look inside him or herself to grow, stay relevant, make smart decisions and plan for the future without worrying too much about it. Uncertainty often breeds fear, and fear can be paralyzing. Don't let that happen to you! Consider what is in your power to change, and try not to worry too much about the rest. On that note, here's is this month's "Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself" list:

This quote is somewhat random, but I really like it and thought I would share as part of the October round-up:

"Creativity is about freedom. In order for people to be free to create, they need to feel free to fail. You can’t fear failure. If you want to create a world that values creation above everything else, first and foremost you have to take fear out of the equation. You have to create a culture that can accept failure, live with failure, not be fearful of failure." --Donny Deutsche, TV host for "The Big Idea"