December Crock-Pot: Links I Love & Belly Laughs

Jenny's Chili Soup It's December . . . have you tried making my mom's chili soup recipe yet?! If not, you're missing out! Click here for a handy ingredients list you can take to the grocery store. I make this every week, which means you know I have a Google Doc shortcut for it :)

Speaking of docs & spreadsheets -- I just created a Moving Checklist Template by popular demand -- if you've moved recently or have a big move coming up, I'd love to hear in the comments if I'm missing anything!

With that, it's time for another Crock-Pot Round-up I'm-still-sad-about-Google-Reader-taking-away-sharing post . . .

Quick reminder: you can follow more of what I'm reading on my Tumblr, Google +1s page, and GoodReads (book reviews). 

  • Book Worm Confession time: I caved. My brother and I bought a Kindle Fire for my mom for her birthday, and when she decided to return it in favor of an iPad (who can blame her?!) my gadgetlust kicked in and I decided to keep the Kindle for myself. Me, an avid proponent of paper and new book smell -- now have a Kindle. It almost feels wrong. To be fair, it replaced my older MUCH heavier tablet, runs on the Android platform which I love, and still doesn't completely phase out the purchasing of non-fiction books that I will proudly adorn my bookshelf with. But my early reviews? I LOVE IT, take it everywhere, and even spoon it to sleep . . . kind of like this.
  • This video brought tears to my eyes: Zach Wahls Speaks About Family (on equal rights for marriage in Iowa).
  • Torre DeRoche lays down the gauntlet in Chasing the Carrot of Tomorrow with poignant reminders about honoring exactly where we are NOW: "Society puts unrelenting pressure on us to be always on the run, chasing one goal or another. ‘What are you working on? Where are you going? What’s next for you? Where is your carrot? If you manage to catch the elusive carrot, this pressure to keep shuffling forward may prevent you taking a single lick of your glorious prize."
  • In tune with Torre, Seth Godin reminds us that not everything is a calamity or a breakthrough - in fact, most of what we do in life isn't either one . . . and that's okay.
  • Cara Stein, who has quickly become one of my favorite "truth post" bloggers, provides tips on How to get unstuck from 10 Mental Quicksand Pits.
  • Willie Jackson — also affectionately known as Willie Freakin' Jackson (WFJ) — extolls the virtues of Being Selfish (especially when it comes to your schedule and creativity). Willie's blog provides a great dose of brief daily posts that always make me think.
  • Chris Guillebeau released his latest manifesto The Tower (available for free in PDF, iPad and Kindle formats) on urgency and leaving a legacy.
  • New Yorkers: I'm proud to be speaking at the NY Creative Interns' One-Year Anniversary Bash next Wednesday, Dec. 14 at Wix Lounge to help them celebrate an incredible year of kick-ass events. Emily and team helped organize my book launch party which was so outstanding that it seriously replaced any need for me to have a wedding. My friend Ann even turned my book into a cake! But I digress. I'd love for you to help us celebrate next Wednesday if you're in town :)
  • iTunes givewaway winners: Huge thanks to he 62 of you who left comments on the Thanksgiving gratitude post! I loved reading what you all had to say, and it's my absolute pleasure to send the gift of music to the 10 lucky winners (chosen via JanaLindsay, Dee, Sarah, Rebecca, Pauline, GinnyRachael McKelvey, Udoka, and Laurel. I've left comments in reply to the winners in case there's any confusion about whether it's you or not.
  • Best of Craigslist: Yoga Mat for Sale: This might be THE funniest thing I've read all year!! Side splitting, belly-laughing hilarity. If you've ever done Bikram (and disliked it as much as I did) or had a crush on an adjacent yogi in class, you'll have tears in your eyes! Big thanks to Elisa Doucette for sending the link :)

Speaking of Yoga, to wrap things up I leave you with the Hey Yoga Girl music video, which also had me dying:

[youtube id="L-8IPDR4Khc"]