Dream Dinners

As mentioned in the food section of this website, if left to my own devices I would eat power bars, cereal and mac n' cheese for dinner every night. Partly out of laziness, partly out of being exhausted after a long day at work, partly out of not owning a single ingredient to cook with (all perishables are banished from my fridge and pantry), and partly because I just don't know how to cook or what to make.   One of my peers from High School recently got in touch through this blog and let me know about Dream Dinners, an amazing business she co-owns that "helps busy working professionals solve the question of 'What's for dinner?' without going out to eat every day." I've heard about these types of services before, and am so excited to share the concept with you! In Krupa's own words:

Dream Dinners helps busy working professionals solve the question of "What's for dinner?" without going out to eat everyday. Basically we're cheaper than Safeway and the same or better quality (the food is all natural). Every month we have a new menu with 17-18 items. Our customers will choose which of those they'd like for that month and within two hours they can assembly up to a month's worth of meals, or if they wish, we can do it for them. We provide the ingredients, we do the prepwork, and we provide the recipes and cooking instructions. We've recently had a surge in younger people in their 20's and 30's coming in because as they realized, they don't know how to cook. Customers don't have to deal with spoilage because the dinners are good for up to 5 months in the freezer and taste really awesome (the recipes are created by professional chefs)." --Krupa Patel

I love the efficiency of it all, and that you can learn to cook in the process.