Enjoy Life: Nick White on The Power of Speech

Having a bad day? A rough week? Imagine finding yourself in Intensive Care after an invasive 8-hour surgery for head and neck cancer, unable to speak after doctors cut out part of your tongue so that they could replace it with muscle from your forearm. That is just the beginning of Nick White's story. The more impressive part is the pure joy he brings to life -- and to everyone whose lives he touches. Nick couldn't speak when he woke up from surgery, but he could write -- and that's when he started blogging. In Nick's own words:

"Since getting cancer & going through treatment, I’ve learned a lot about life in a very concentrated way.  My cancer experience has been serious business, but it has also enhanced my outlook on life. Thanks to the support of all my family & friends, I’m the fittest & happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life."

Some of you may recall Nick from my May Miscellaneum post -- he sent me a photo of my book on the beaches of Hawaii, en route to World Domination Summit (he made his way there all the way from Wellington, New Zealand). After checking out Nick's website and emailing back-and-forth, I couldn't wait to meet him in Portland.

Nick didn't disappoint. I immediately spotted him across the bustling crowd of 500 attendees. Nick was glowing, radiant, and friendly. His mere existence and survival is an inspiration to me -- but throw on top of that his incredibly optimistic, cheerful, all-smiles, bursting-with-energy personality, and I knew I'd made a friend for life. Update: Nick is also Making Sh*t Happen by writing a book -- he asked me to be on his goal "Dream Team" (great idea!) while I was writing this -- a total honor :)

I highly recommend you listen to Nick's story (the video is five minutes long) for a reminder on what it means to be resilient and stay positive in our lives -- and maybe even say hi to Nick on Twitter. He's someone you definitely want to know.

Nick White on The Power of Speech (5 minutes) -- Click here to open in a new window

Nick -- you are an inspiration to all.

I am so thankful that you reached out, and that we had a chance to meet in Portland. Thank you for bringing me a cupcake at the opening night party -- consider this post a little piece of virtual #cupcakekarma!

Cupcake Karma