Gen Y in the Workplace Webinar: A Smorgasbord of Thoughts

I'm excited to share that I was the guest speaker on a Webinar last week called "Generations in the Workplace: Gen Y in Action." Whether you are Gen Y or you work with us (I think that covers almost everyone!), hopefully you will find value in the recordings. I give one key caveat: this doesn't not apply universally to everyone (we are all unique, after all) and many of these concepts could apply to people in other generations too. As one participant said, "This webinar is a must listen for every American CEO and his or her team of managers. Jenny articulates very clearly and with good humor, the unique qualities that define the seventy million members of Gen-Y. Jenny provides a  detailed and very perceptive key to the hearts and minds of the generation that is currently defining the cutting edge of our global economy."

On a Gen Y side note, it's that time again! Ryan Stephens is collecting votes for his August Top Gen Y Blogs ballot. Last time I was incredibly honored (and surprised!) to be voted #6. Submit a ballot if you are feeling so inclined - no pressure to vote for me, just a great chance to highlight and discover a list of great Gen Y blogs. To submit a ballot, you will select five blogs and email the list to ryanstephensmarketing(at), no later than July 29.

Back to the webinar: it is posted in two segments, in which I cover the following topics:

Gen Y in Action (Part One - 20 min):

  • Work styles unique to Gen Y
  • How the extracurricular-focus that got us into college manifests in the workplace
  • Shortcomings of Gen Y employees (with caveats!)
  • How to effectively manage Gen Y; Biggest mistakes managers make when managing Gen Y
  • Priorities for Gen Y: integrating work and life
  • How the economy has impacted Gen Y's attitudes toward work and their careers
  • One reason that making it through the rough economy is a good thing for us
  • Social Media: what's in, what's out

Gen Y in Action - Q&A from Participants (Part Two - 15 min):

  • Don't these attitudes apply to all generations? Or is it that they are more extreme for Gen Y?
  • What if someone from Gen Y isn't feeling included or engaged at work?
  • Does multi-tasking negatively affect the quality of Gen Y employees' work?
  • What advice do you have for a Gen Y employee who wants to maximize their work experience before going to business school?
  • What is Gen Y's greatest weakness in the workplace today?
  • How does Gen Y view diversity issues?
  • What do you think Gen Y will be like as managers?
  • Tell us about your book!

During the webinar, I referenced the following resources (click here for my highlights/summary of each article):