Life After College Giveaway Week (Part Two)

Thanks to everyone who commented on Tuesday's post to win a free copy of Chris Guillebeau's book, The Art of Non-Conformity. I've been really energized by reading about everyone's big goals - kudos for sharing them with me and the world!

Speaking of big goals, you might remember Stacyann who wrote asking for advice on how to fund her big dream of attending SXSWi next year. Since that post she has set-up a SmartyPig Account (social savings) and started working on her side hustle by joining a focus group. I admire her willingness to put a big goal out there, ask for help, and immediately start taking steps to make it happen.

With that, giveaway week continues!

Giveaway #3 - 5 sets of 500 Business Cards from

Thanks to a giveaway on Kristen's Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes site, I won 1,000 free business cards a few weeks ago. I asked Grace at if I could transfer the prize to one of my readers, and she said no need! She'll donate 5 sets of 500 cards to the Life After College fun cause.

  • How to Enter: Pretend you get to quote your favorite movie line on the back of your business card. Leave me a comment by Sunday, September 19 with what the line would be, and I'll pick five winners via*
  • My lines: "You're so money baby, and you don't even know it" (Swingers - YouTube Clip) or "MOM! THE MEATLOAF!" (from Wedding Crashers, for no good reason other than that scene always sends me into side-splitting laughter)

*Official rules/legal jargon: one entry per person, open to U.S. residents online, must be 18 and over and not an employee or relative of an employee of PrintRunner LLC, no purchase necessary.

Giveaway #4 - Free Health & Nutrition Consultation with Megan Serow

Megan is a co-worker and former coaching client who is now kicking-ass and building her own side hustle. Megan is finishing up holistic health counseling certification, which takes into account total wellness in mind and body instead of focusing solely on nutrition. Her goal is to do 20 free health consultations in the next 3 months. She also started a blog that provides recipe and wellness ideas for busy 20-somethings and cooking novices.

That's it for now -- have a great weekend everyone!