How Can I Love My Fear? Handwritten Notes on Acceptance, Love and Growth

Here we go with another spontaneous, top-of-mind, unplanned post -- thanks for being such an awesome community that I feel supported putting this stuff out there. Best readers on the planet, I tell you! Side note: I'm currently en route to Syracuse to speak at the Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship conference -- apologies in advance if I'm slow to reply to comments. For those who are curious, my topic is Great Leaps: How to move through fear, find your courage, and tackle your most meaningful goals. Will share pictures and/or video if there are any! 

Handwritten Notes on Acceptance, Love and Growth

I wrote these journal entries a few days ago and considered typing them up -- but the very nature of fear and insecurity is that it is DEEPLY personal, often hiding in the shadows of our subconscious. Typing it out would place a shiny coating on a topic (and set of reflections) that are meant to be unfiltered and real.

I'm sure this is terrible for SEO and accessibility and retweeting, but too bad! These thoughts are going straight from brain to page to blog, delivered to you with love.

BTW -- *right* as I was going to take a photo, I spilled coffee all over the page! A few F-bombs followed. But hey -- maybe it gives the whole thing some character?!

Journal Entry 1: How Can I Love My Fear?

Journal entry on fear (click display images to view)

Journal Entry 2: Thoughts on Relationships and Fear of Loss

Journal entry on fear + relationships (click display images to view)

Additional Thoughts

I've have a few more additions to the lists above since writing those two entries: 

  • Even though things DO end (in life, love and work) and we are wise to find joy independently, there is also tremendous beauty in growing WITH people -- be it friends, family, or a romantic partner.
  • As one of my favorite yoga teachers at Katonah, Phillip, often says when he's giving the world's best assists, "There's so much we can do alone...but there is so much MORE that we can do together."
  • Everyone on our path is a teacher, and there is great learning in whatever form relationships may take.
  • Relationships are fluid and the best ones (in my opinion) are not boxed in by rules and regulations.
  • We all worry about whether we are good enough. We worry about whether our flaws -- large and small -- are acceptable to others. The best thing we can do is be open, loving, kind, forgiving, accepting -- first of ourselves, then of the people we are with.
  • Growth is in FALLING and then GETTING BACK UP, not in the unattainable plight for perfection. Let yourself fall, be kind as you pick yourself back up.
  • Acknowledge this same dance of growth in those around you.
  • No matter what you're working on, find and return to gratitude as often as possible.
  • Acknowledge and honor the COURAGE it takes to try something new, be vulnerable, and move closer toward what you want in life.
  • And as John Steinbeck said to his son in his letter On Falling in Love, "Don't worry about losing. If it is right, it happens -- The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away."

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I'd love to hear from you in the comments:

In what ways to you resist, fight or deny your fear? What would happen if you were to embrace and converse with it instead? What am I missing from the lists above?