How to Look Forward to a Meeting You’re Dreading

Written by Ben Fanning The-Quit-Alt_3D_no-background1Maybe you've fantasized about quitting, but you're not ready to give up your steady paycheck, 401k, or insurance?

There is a quit alternative. Transform your current job into a job you love by engaging with its full potential, marshaling the resources around you, and seizing the opportunities that are there for the taking.

A Simple Shift to Get More Out of Routine Meetings

A great way to start transforming your current job is to simply shift how you approach routine meetings…especially those you dread.

I’ve studied how people show up to meetings, and there’s good news. You can actually practice showing up differently to these routine meetings and get more out of them.

Those meetings you’ve dreaded are actually a big opportunity for you to practice a career-saving, business-shifting, mind-blowing skill that will transform those meetings and the ways you habitually perceive the people and activities around you.

Show Up “Differently”

A few years ago I was exhausted from the litany of meetings and conference calls on my calendar. They were absolutely killing my work mojo. Then a friend suggested I show up differently.

The concept is to show up as someone who doesn’t dread meetings. Think of someone whose way of being you’d like to express in place of dread.

I had nothing to lose, so I chose someone who embodies the spirit of adventure and excitement for me—Indiana Jones.

What was it like to be him in tough situations? How would he walk into the situation?

Indy never loses hope and always keeps his sense of humor and readiness to go for a new approach, especially when things look bleak.

Achieve New Results in the Same Old Meeting

I relished my first meeting as Indiana Jones. I asked questions differently, thought differently, even walked differently.

The results were far better and I had much more fun!

Clients to whom I’ve offered this approach have had positive results calling on:

  • Rosie the Riveter, for toughness
  • A father who stood up for what he believed in, for courage
  • Coach Nick Saban, for empowerment

What my friend didn’t say was that when I showed up differently, I would perceive not only myself but everyone and everything around me differently. I would see opportunities where all I’d seen before were closed doors.

Choose a New Persona for Your Next Meeting

Pick a meeting or another activity that you’re dreading.

  1. Consider which mood or essence you’d like to bring to the moment, i.e., empowerment, excitement, passion, curiosity, focus, or lightness.
  2. Who embodies this?
  3. Be that persona at your meeting.
  4. Write down how it goes.

Taking on a new persona will open your eyes to possibility, I promise. Try it and notice the difference.

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