Is Hybridpreneurship for you? Fluidity and Opportunity in the New World of Work

Hello friends! I’m popping in today with a short video hello on one of my favorite topics, how to be agile in our increasingly fluid career landscape. As many of you have heard me say: careers are no longer linear, like a ladder, but rather fully customizable, like a smart phone. It’s up to you to download apps for different skills and interests that will help you feel fulfilled.  

One of the skills that is increasingly helpful in our project- and gig-based economy is an entrepreneurial spirit—the ability to ride out uncertainty and come up with innovative solutions that make a positive impact on others’ lives and businesses—but that doesn’t mean you have to fly totally solo either. 

I was excited when Aflac approached me to weigh in on the subject of intrapreneurship.

In today's video I cover:

  • An emerging trend of what I'm calling hybridpreneurship as a bridge to business-building
  • The pros and cons of the hybridpreneur model
  • The importance of a great support network, no matter which route you choose
  • How to move fluidly between both
  • How to become even more comfortable with uncertainty

Watch: Jenny Blake on Hybridpreneurship

I’d love to hear from you in the comments:
What do you think about this hybrid model of entrepreneurship? Is it something you'd try?
If you are already doing it, I would love to hear how it’s going!

This post is brought to you by Aflac. I'm a compensated contributor, but the thoughts and ideas are my own. Aflac herein means American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus and American Family Life Assurance Company of New York. Aflac agents are independent agents and are not employees of Aflac.
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About Jenny

Jenny Blake is the author of LifeAfter College and the book PivotShe is a career and business strategist and an international speaker who helps smart people organize their brain, move beyond burnout, and build sustainable, dynamic careers they love. Jenny combines her love of technology with her superpower of simplifying complexity to help clients through big transitions — often to pivot in their career or launch a book, blog or business. Today you can find her here on this blog (in its 9th year!) and at, where she explores the intersection of mind, body and business. Follow her on Twitter @jenny_blake.