JBE Travel Update: Heading to Bali & Thailand for the Month of May!

Uluwatu, Bali That's right . . . Jenny Blake Enterprises is going rogue!

One of the big reasons behind wanting to work for myself was the freedom to travel and set my own schedule.

So when I found out that my blogging-got-me-a-best-friend Elisa Doucette landed a job in Bali, one of my big travel goals that I had been tip-toeing around became a must-do.

With a nervous feeling in my belly, I inched closer and closer toward making this trip a reality:

  1. I mentally (and a bit tentatively) confirmed that I'm ready to take another big trip, and that it's worth spending my time and money on. Am I really doing this?? Alone?
  2. I marked dates off on my calendar. Gulp! What will it be like to be away from work for so long? 
  3. I booked the major flights (into Singapore, out of Thailand). There's no turning back now! I'll make it work...
  4. I signed up for a major life-checklist item (click here to create your own checklist)two-week Thai Massage Training in Chaing-Mai, Thailand to help advance my yoga teaching. For those who are unfamiliar with Thai Massage, it's almost like facilitated yoga -- using my body as a practitioner to move the other person's body around in various shapes. They lay on the floor in comfortable clothes (as opposed to a massage table) and I do the work! This is going to be a great way for me to learn how to assist people during yoga classes, and I'll have fun practicing on friends who are nice to me when I get home :)
  5. Squealing ensued over Skype with Elisa as we planned the details of our trip in a Google Doc titled, "Jenny and Elisa Do Thailand and Bali." Hey -- what's the fun of planning a big trip if you can't express your Type-A-ness in a massive Google Doc?!


I will be treating this trip largely as vacation, responding only to urgent items. It's nerve-wracking to imagine being mostly unplugged for an entire month, but mostly delightful! That means that things may be quiet around here for the month of May (with a few guest posts sprinkled throughout). I hope you understand :)

I'd love to hear in the comments: Anyone got any recommendations or travel must-sees for these areas? If you live in any of the cities I mentioned above, I'd love to meet up!