LAC Book: Crowd-Sourced Wisdom for College Grads - Join in the fun!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to those of you who participated in the epic two-hour #u30pro chat last week - we had over 1,300 tweets (transcript here) and 180 participants! I am honored and incredibly grateful for all of the excitement, replies and ideas; the book definitely just got 1,000 times better. If you missed the chat but still want to submit tips for the book, now's your chance!

Here's how to submit a response:

    Twitter Bird

  1. Read the questions below.
  2. Send me an @reply on Twitter (I'm @jenny_blake) or tweet with the #LACBook hashtag (both if you have room).
  3. Make sure you include the question number
  4. I would really appreciate if you could retweet, share on Google Reader and send this post to your friends - the more tips and opinions, the better :)
  5. Submit as many replies as you would like before the deadline: Fri. June 18
  6. Please also make sure you are following me - if your quote makes it into the book, I'll need to DM you a release form (help me get a head start by filling it out now)
  7. Example tweet from the lovely Grace Boyle: gracekboyle Q10: Blessing in disguise was starting my blog. It unexpectedly led to my job, friends, roommate, and new life in Boulder #LACBook

Quick background for any new visitors: I'm working on a book for college graduates to be published next Spring by Running Press (a division of Perseus). The book is a compilation of tips, quotes, advice, exercises and recommended reading for every area of someone's life after college.

There are 10 chapters, and each will contain "crowd-sourced" wisdom from Twitter. If you want to follow the book's progress, sign-up for my monthly(ish) “inside scoop” book newsletter or click here to read the archives.

Twitter Questions for the Life After College book

  1. Life - Finish this sentence: When I graduated from college I wish I had known...
  2. Money - What's your philosophy when it comes to saving and/or spending money? Best tip?
  3. Work - What is the best career advice anyone ever gave you?
  4. Home - How can someone make the most of their living space? Any tips for living with roommates?
  5. Organization - What's one technique you use to stay organized and/or manage your time effectively?
  6. Friends & Family - How do you keep in touch and make time for friends and family after college? Strategies for meeting new people?
  7. Dating & Relationships - What's the biggest lesson you've learned from past (or present) relationships?
  8. Health - What diet, exercise or health habits have helped you stay healthy after college?
  9. Fun & Relaxation - How do you make time for fun & relaxation after college? Any tips for doing both on budget?
  10. Personal Growth - What has been your biggest blessing-in-disguise life experience since graduating from college?
  11. Extra Question: What general advice do you have for recent college graduates?
  12. Extra Question: Finish this sentence: Life after college is...

Thank you so much in advance - I already can't wait read all of your replies!


And thanks again to Lauren, David and Scott for letting me partner with #u30pro to launch this campaign. If you're interested in joining future chats, they run every Thursday from 8-9EST.