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Written by Melissa Anzman Your career and work can be defined by a series of launches. A set of decisions that you make to not accept the status quo. To know there is more out there. That your potential isn’t being fully maximized.

That you can: be better than you are today. ™

For the past year and a half, I have been working with three separate audiences helping them be better in their career, biz or brand. But it was so… discombobulated. To many of you, I focused on helping you build a corporate career; to the solopreneurs out there, you knew me as a launcher and implementer; and finally to new coaches, I was a web designer.

See – it was a bit all over the place.

But I am all of those things, which is why I became an entrepreneur to begin with.

My first question when I was starting out was, “How do all of my talents fit together under one umbrella? What ties it all together?

The answer had been a bit murky for some time. I could explain the connection, but it always felt like a stretch. My answer would vary based on who I was talking to and what their needs were. Not what my umbrella was.

Until recently. I was stuck in place, not being able to move forward with my business. I felt like a freelancer who was perhaps, a fraud, and not at all able to pick a direction to grow and scale.

The more I dug, the more I realized how much of what I do can be captured as a launch. I’m a launcher – I love the creation of an idea, the building of a concept, the take-off and details, and the excitement of starting something new – of taking a leap.

That is the connection that ties all of the people I work with, together. We create a launch – whether it’s in your corporate career, your biz, or your brand; it’s a point of decision to reach for more. To get uncomfortable. To fulfill your potential instead of watching life pass you by.

To Launch Yourself ™.

And so, I have officially reorganized my business and branding under one umbrella – (go on, click on through to see the shiny new design).

What’s Ahead?

To you, pretty much nothing is going to change. If you want to hear about career advice, it’s going to still be there. If you followed me for product/business launch tips, you’ll still get them. And if you have website or branding questions, I’ll still have you covered.

So honestly, not much has changed on your end. Except maybe a bit more clarity. Which is great, right?

But it has significantly changed the way I view my business. It has finally put that last remaining puzzle piece in place, and I feel like I can finally move forward with the big ideas I have for my little biz.

After putting so much time and effort to get things aligned, it has also reignited my passion for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Have to live what I preach, right?

Immediate boundary pushing includes a podcast series, pitching some big-names (writing that made me squirm just a little), a new book project perhaps, and doing more speaking gigs. And most importantly, treating my business like a business.

I look the first step in that direction by finally opening a business banking account last week, making my business an official LLC a few months back, and protecting my assets and collateral through trademarks, etc. It’s a bit later in the “starting a business cycle” than is typically recommended, but it feels awesome.

So help me spread the word, would you? I am giving away two free goodies when you join the launch crew – 5 Rules for High Performers and the Big Launch Checklists. Come check them out, will you?

And I’d love to hear about any ideas, topics or launches that you want to be sure we cover here on Life After College – please share below in the comments section. 

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Melissa Anzman is the creator of Launch Your Job  where she equips ambitious leaders with practical ways to grow their career. She is the author of two books: How to Land a Job and Stop Hating Your Job. Follow her @MelissaAnzman.