Lessons from a Day of Bugs

Yesterday was the day of bugs. I'll tell you how this relates to my blog in a minute. For starters, in the morning as I went to grab my bike and leave for work, a small brown spider scuffled across the inside of my helmet. Panicked, I dropped the helmet and to my terror LOST THE SPIDER. If I don't find this damn thing, the next time our paths cross he'll be crawling on my face. After five minutes of searching desperately to no avail, I gave up, hoping the spider had spontaneously vanished into thin air. Skip ahead ten minutes. I'm merrily riding on the bike path (now on month three of the No Car Challenge - can you believe it?) and who do I see?! The spider! Crawling on my handlebars! I grabbed a branch and whisked him off into a nearby tree. I think it's the first time I have actually saved a spider.

Now fast-forward to the ride home. First a bug flies into my mouth. Then one goes up my nose. THEN I ride straight into a swarm of gnats. All the meanwhile I'm squinting, spitting and ducking just to get home without filling up on bugs for dinner.

All these bugs got me thinking. (You knew I'd get to the point sometime, right?) Last week I had a rough week at work. I felt like emails and tasks kept flying at me and I could barely swat them away before getting bombarded by the next swarm.

Not to be confused with eating frogs, sometimes you have to ride through bugs with your head down to actually get home. You can't always get from A to Z without a few annoyances here and there - the ride isn't ALWAYS sunny and enjoyable. The bugs (and seemingly random tasks) keep things interesting - and keep us on our feet. We should learn to tolerate and maybe even enjoy them! I got a pretty good laugh out of the bugs yesterday, even though at the time it didn't seem very funny. Sometimes we forget to keep our sense of humor amidst the craziness of work. And rather than being paralyzed by fear, sometimes you just have to grin and bear it. Close your eyes, put your head down, pedal a little faster, and make it through the week.