I'd love your input: Which picture for the back cover of the book?

Exciting times, my friends! I just got back from L.A. where I took author portraits at my alma mater (Go Bruins!) with my mom's childhood friend --  photographer Mark Hanauer. I am also working on cutting the draft of my book down to 300 pages (from 450), per my editor's request. Next steps are copy-editing and cover design...eeee! Want to know more? Follow more detailed book updates by joining my monthly-ish "Inside Scoop" book newsletter. Back Cover Photo - Share Your Two Cents!

I tend to be indecisive, so I put my two favorite pictures up for a Facebook vote on Friday...but the results were pretty split (thanks to everyone who already chimed in!). I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments -- which picture do you think is a better fit for the back of the book? Both pictures can be cropped in closer. I want to come across as relatable...and telepathically inspire people to actually buy a copy :)

And just for fun, I'll use Random.org to pick a winner from the comments and you'll get a signed copy when it comes out next March (that is the first time I've mentioned giving away a copy of MY OWN book...what a trip!). Just make sure you weigh in by Friday, August 13.

Jenny Blake - Author Portrait - Headshot

Jenny Blake - Author Portrait - Headshot

"Behind the Scenes" Videos from Picture Day

Guest appearances (in no particular order) by my brother Tom, his girlfriend Gil, the photographer Mark, and Chantal Moore, the fabulous makeup artist. Note: The videos are awkwardly tall (and unedited) - taken on my brother's iPhone 4.

  • Video 1 - Makeup and an intro to Shaq the dog
  • Video 2 - "Feels like a little slice of heaven"
  • Video 3 - Introductions (how you know you've made it into the inner circle)
  • Video 4 - Walking down Royce Hall for that windblown look :)


P.S. I'm also excited to share the launch of DoesNot.com from another family friend, Bob Gordon, a lawyer and fellow Bay Area resident. Bob has been part of a team working on this website for over 15 years. It's super interactive and the purpose is to "enhance creativity, self worth and empowerment among youth" through 8 interactive environments. Artists can upload their own videos to share with friends, and users can download and remix songs they like. Check it out if you get a chance!