Life After College Deserves a Cupcake...and So Do You

Now thats what I call FROSTING!! (Photo courtesy of Flickr) Last week Ryan Stephens published his list of Top 10 Gen Y blogs. You - readers, friends, fellow bloggers - voted me #6. Number Six!!! I was jumping up and down like a school girl when I saw that. I would have been excited about an honorable mention. Heck, I was excited to be on the ballot in the first place. I called my parents and friends as if I had one the lottery.

More than ever and long overdue, I am compelled to express out loud the gratitude I feel every day.

Thank you.

Thank you to those of you who subscribe via email. Every time I see your name on my subscriber list, I smile and send you lots of happy thoughts.

Thank you to those who read in a feed reader - even though I do not know exactly who you are, I know you are out there! I'm honored to be among your (ever-expanding, I'm sure) list of blogs worth reading.

To those reading this blog for the first time - today, right now - welcome, and I look forward to getting to know you better!

Thanks for your insightful comments and your emails. Every one is like a little present in my inbox.

A special note to everyone on Twitter - you make every day exciting. You never cease to fill it with connection, humor, intelligence and resources. I hope I am able to do the same for you. I am always so thankful for all of the @replies, conversations, re-tweets and the #followfridays. Non-Twitter folk, have I lost you yet? If so, read why I think you should join the fun!

Thank you to those who have joined me and Jamie on one of our crazy cupcake tweet-ups, and to those who haven't - either head out to SF or hopefully we will soon be at a city near you! (Read a great write-up of our most recent cupcake tweet-up by

Even before the Top 10 Gen Y Blogs nod, this post was inspired by a similar one at David Cain's blog Raptitude. Thanks David, for your compelling writing and for such a sincere note to your readers. After reading it, I really felt I couldn't have said it better myself.

This blog is my playground. A fun, energizing place that is helping me "live the dream" of creating value, sharing it, and (hopefully) making people's lives better one little step at a time. Thank you for being great readers and great friends.