Life Checklist Template

Earlier this week, David Cain of posted a great comprehensive guide to creating a life checklist. As soon as I saw it, my template brain started firing synapses. With David's permission, I've created a Life Checklist Template to compliment his post. This is for those of you that prefer simplicity - if you want full-on-snazzy-life-list-social-sharing-web-2.0-glory, you'll probably like better. Or use both! Here is a short summary of David's life checklist tips:

  • Make all the items clear, check-off-able things: There should be a specific moment when you can say “YES! I did it!” without question. Beware of "one chance only" goals, like "run the 2010 Boston marathon."
  • Make sure each item has real, personal significance, and isn’t just “This would be kinda neat.” Ask “What specifically do I want to do?” Remember, this list *is* your life.
  • Be audacious, but not unrealistic. Dream big, but consider the amount of time and money each goal will require. Add small items too.
  • Avoid goals that depend on luck or other people’s co-operation. Don’t necessarily omit items just because you’ve already done them.

Two other great sites to visit for inspiration:

In an effort to join in the fun, I started a life list too. I don't feel I've reached my creative "dream big" peak yet, but it's a start!

Click here (or below) to preview and use the template:

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