Pre-Launch Round-Up! Events, Giveaways, Early Reviews & Free E-Books

We are in the home stretch, baby! I've said it before and I will say it again -- this book is every bit your success as it is mine. It would not be here without you. You are the greatest community of readers and friends I could ever ask for. With that friendly reminder said, there is so much going on that I hardly know where to start! This post is a round-up of upcoming events, giveaways, free e-books I contributed to, early reviews and a short list of ways you can help if you feel so inclined.

Life After College by Jenny Blake - Book Display at Books, Inc.An Awesome Picture (and Moment):

This is the first time I actually saw my book in a bookstore...and to walk in to this! A tower of glory at my favorite local bookstore, Books, Inc. Big thanks to Glen and the team for putting up such a 5-star display!

The even cooler news is that people are already buying it! It's crazy to think about people I don't know picking up a copy based on the book's own merits (not just because I'm paying them to be my friend ;-) - but that's what makes this whole process so exciting! I love the idea of the book spreading even beyond the online community, into unexpected places, and finding people who need it most -- no matter where they are.

Upcoming Events:

  • Behind the scenes of the publishing process - free 60-minute webinar with Pierre Khawand of People On the Go - this Thursday at 12 p.m. PST. {Sign-up here}
  • Managing a side hustle without going insane (see accompanying guest post) - a free 30-minute webinar with the awesome team at Brazen Careerist on Tuesday (launch day!) at 5EST/8PST, followed by a 30-minute Network Roulette. You'll get paired with a new person every three minutes, and the first five people who get paired up with me get a free signed copy of my book! {Sign-up here}
  • IRL event -- Book launch party! For any of you in the Bay Area, I would love for you to stop by my book launch party this Saturday! It will kick-off with a bookstore talk/signing at Books, Inc on Castro Street in Mountain View, followed by drinks, food, and -- what else -- cupcakes -- at Zen Lounge. {RSVP here}

Book Giveaways:

  • Life After College Facebook Page - Win a signed copy of Life After College by sharing the best piece of advice (either your own or advice you've received) for life after college. The advice with the most Facebook "likes" by 12 Noon PST on Friday, March 25 wins!
  • The Anti Resume - For starters, Mike Krass is awesome; we're doing a joint shindig after my bookstore event at University Bookstore in Seattle on June 2 (save the date!) for any of you living in the area. Check out his website for details on how to win a free copy of the book from him on the Anti Resume Facebook page!
  • Twitter Chats - Join me and Chanelle Schneider for a #GenYChat conversation on Twitter on March 30 at 6PST/9EST for a chance to win a copy. College Lifestyles will also be doing a giveaway during their chat in April - details to follow!

Contributions around the Web - Free E-books!

  • My first lesson in taking initiative - a contribution to an e-book for Seth Godin's Domino Project, compiled by the ever-amazing Amber Rae. The e-book is an assembly of "50 inspiring stories about taking initiative from accomplished entrepreneurs and up-and-coming stars."
  • A transcription of my video interview with David Trotter for his 127-page FUEL E-book, "11 Passionate Voices Empowering You to Launch Yourself."
  • The latest edition of Thom Chambers' In Treehouses Magazine, "The Profit in Free." I'm not in this one, but I was honored to have a feature in last month's issue, and the magazine is so gorgeous and informative that you should read it anyway!

Early Reviews:

Even though the "official" launch date is next Tuesday, advance copies and pre-orders have already shipped, and I've been completely humbled by the response so far. If you post a review, please let me know so that I can add you to the Around the Web page on my book website!

  • Jessica Lawlor - Book Review: Life After College by Jenny Blake Jenny asks poignant questions that will get you thinking about what you value, what your goals are, and where you see yourself heading. Something else I really loved about this book was hearing Jenny’s stories and tips. Jenny shares several stories that show her during times of doubt and fear. She doesn’t position herself as an expert who has never experienced anything she writes about.
  • SoCalTJ - I'm Not Normally One for Self Help Books... Jenny has managed to create a totally fun, INTERACTIVE book, with tables to fill in, lots of questions with spaces for your answers. And it's in color too! It's pretty much unfathomable to me that I could get a copy of this book for under $20, let alone TWO of them. (Clearly they aren't paying Jenny enough for her hard work!). I've never been that excited about reading books - I don't think I've picked one up since college, but I'm stoked to delve into this one and see where it takes me.
  • Grad Meets World - Video review!

How you can help:

Next week I'll post more details on purchase incentives (buying 1, 3 or bulk). In the meantime, for those of you who have received your book/s, I would absolutely LOVE your help in any of the following ways:

  • Leave your HONEST review on Amazon (my goal is to get to 100 by the end of next week. 8 down, only 92 to go!)
  • Bloggers - some ideas: review the book, share an excerpt of a few tips, or use one of the coaching exercises as a prompt for your next post. I'm happy to do written or video interviews too. There's a full Blogger Kit on the book website with more resources too.
  • Everyone else -- tell your friends and family! Let your networks know about the book and find more info at More goodies to follow next week.