Myers Briggs and Personal Updates

The other day I was in a career development meeting at work discussing how to help young employees find job roles that fit their innate talents and strengths (for many of them Google is their first job). We got to talking about assessments and someone excitedly asked me, "So what are you??" I replied, and we suddenly had a shared understanding of each other. I offer you two links for a free Myers Briggs assessment (big thanks to Megan for sharing them with me) to help you figure out your type and what it says about your personality, work style, and relationships:

The Test (takes about 10-15 minutes):
Guide to help you interpret the results:
Wikipedia's 'Myers-Briggs' Type Indicator page:


On an unrelated note, but for the sake of accountability, here are two updates on my Big Scary Hairy Goals:

My marathon training is going very well! I am currently in Week 7 (of 16) - almost halfway there. My biggest accomplishment to-date was finishing the 25K Angel Island race (16 miles) - a gorgeous, VERY hilly trail race around the San Francisco bay with views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge. So far I've realized the physical mileage isn't all that different from week-to-week - it's really all about my mental endurance and trying to focus on enjoying the long runs. I've also learned that anything is possible! A year ago I would be shocked to hear myself casually saying I ran 16 miles last weekend - it feels great to have so many mini-accomplishments leading up to the big race in October.I also bought myself some rockin' personalized Nike shoes with my motto, "Live Big," sewn into the back. To go with them, I bought an Apple/Nike+ sport kit (iPod plug-in and pedometer) that helps me keep track of my pace and time - my own mini-coach!

The 30-Day No Car Challenge is also going very well! I'm keeping a journal of my adventures (no guarantees that it's any more exciting than watching paint dry or Olympic fly fishing). The biggest surprise so far is how much I'm actually enjoying it - I feel so active and empowered! The weather has been fantastic and starting and ending the day with a little extra exercise and movement outdoors feels really refreshing. I'm still a little scared of creepy trail lurkers, but slowly getting over it (and not riding or roller-blading in the dark). I'm also considering buying a folding bike.