November Miscellaneum

If "Plan A" didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. Stay Cool.

I love this image! Who ever said we have to stop at Plan B? Life and big goals are always changing...we have so many more opportunities than we realize to learn, adjust, try, fail, get back up and keep going. The beauty is in the mess. Now just remind me I said that when I'm looking at my morning reflection after rolling out of bed :)

Exciting news from New York City: we had our first snow over Halloween weekend! I've never lived on the East Coast before, so for the first 30 minutes it was cute and fun and breathtaking -- then it quickly turned cold and slippery. Just about once a day someone here says, "Ooooh, you're from California? Good luck! We had a BRUTAL Winter last year." I have no idea what to expect...if I fall off the blogosphere for three months it's either because my fingers froze off or I've become a hermit and haven't left the house to socialize, eat or find things to write about.

A Short Google Reader Rant: I don't know about you, but I'm a little distressed that Google Reader is now least in the form I had gotten nice and cozy with. I used to LOVE sharing posts and seeing friends' shared posts; it was how I got exposed to new blogs and new ideas -- the best of the best as voted by my Reader friends. Now I have to sign into Google+ and get lost in the entire stream, which I don't want. Just show me the posts!

You can see what an individual has recommended by clicking on the +1s column of their profile -- see an example of mine here.

In an ode to sharing quality content from around the web without Google Reader (:::pout!:::), I've put together my own list of must-reads that have knocked my socks off this month. I've also been Tumblr-ing more at Jenny Unplugged.

November Round-Up:

Jenny Blake Graphic (Drawn by Sarah Peck)