On Generosity and Gold Dust: Lessons from a Mentor (& Giveaway of Her Book)

Two years ago, when my parents and friends were my only blog subscribers and I had just started coaching, a woman named Susan Biali commented on my blog with a note of encouragement.

When I saw that she was a flamenco-dancing doctor, life-coach, author AND speaker who split her time living between Mexico and Canada? I almost fell out of my chair. She was (and still is) LIVING. THE. DREAM.  A version of my dream. The one in which I become an author-speaker-life coach-entrepreneur-extraordinaire; inspiring others while living a balanced, healthy, passionate life.

Susan has done more than inspire me these last two years. She has shown me the true meaning of generosity. Generosity of spirit. Generosity of time. Generosity of giving people one of the greatest gifts in the world: believing in them, and lifting them up when times get tough.

  • Generosity is having a big full life, and sending a note to a no-name blogger.
  • Generosity is writing one year later, sending that same blogger an email just to say hello, this time bursting from the seams with praise, support and encouragement.
  • Generosity is agreeing to a phone call in the middle of a full schedule of speaking, traveling, writing and publishing a book.
  • Generosity is proactively offering to have MONTHLY calls to support that blogger's dreams, even while working so hard on her own.
  • Generosity is sending two copies of her new book with hand-written notes on the inside, then making time for a call right in the middle of the book promotion frenzy.
  • Generosity is offering help...even when the other person doesn't quite know how to ask.

Don't forget what a gift your time and attention is - and the difference it can make in someone else's life.

Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You

In her book, Live a Life You Love, Susan says "People first, life later." She means it, and her generosity with me is proof of that.

Susan's book - aside from leaving me brimming with pride and sheer joy for her success - has lifted me up after a physically and emotionally exhausting week. I picked it up and couldn't put it down. It felt like Susan was sitting right next to me, reminding me of all the things that truly matter in life.

From the last chapter: "Under all the stress, fear, failures, and wrong choices you might have made in your life, you know who you really are, and how you're meant to live. I hope I've successfully reminded you of how totally original you are, how worthy of love you are, how brilliant and wonderful your body is, and what you you need to thrive."

Susan achieves her mission with flying colors in this book. She is vulnerable, relatable and wise. Her "gold dust" (our word for radiating joy and energy) sparkles on every page, and her generosity - which extends far beyond this book - has been a true gift to me (and many others).

With that, I am thrilled to share a signed copy with one of you! Just leave me a comment by the end of the day on Sunday, and I'll pick a winner through Random.org early next week.

As Susan says, "May you live a life rich in meaning, health and happiness!" Wherever you are starting from this week, may you take one step closer to all three.

Happy Friday everyone :)