Post-Launch Brass Tacks: How to Stay-up-to-Date

Thank you all so much for the kind words and incredible feedback on the new website! For those of you who are interested in launching your own website, check out the second post: Behind the Business — 9 Step Site Building & Launch Breakdown.

Now that I’ve got two Internet homes, I wanted to clear up what to expect from each site and where to subscribe to stay up-to-date on the latest, greatest happenings.

AND, as many of you already know, Google Reader is sunsetting on July 1. Time to stop procrastinating and export your feeds using Google Takeout if you haven’t already. After you do that, here's a great post from Feedly about how to import your feeds and set-up your new account.

Life After College

  • Who it’s for: College grads, twenty-somethings, career professionals and anyone interested in big goals, career, personal finance, and life optimization. Many of you reading may be way beyond your “after college” years and still find value from the posts; if so, that's awesome! Feel free to stick around :) Now that has launched I will bringing some of my age-agnostic content over there, along with specific tips on business, solopreneurship, writing/creativity, travel, health and yoga.

  • Frequency of posts: For now, you can expect about 1-2 posts a week, alternating between me, Melissa and Paul and occasional guest posts if I think they are highly relevant. Get blog posts delivered via email here.

  • Monthly newsletter with the latest blog posts, behind-the scenes updates from all three of us, and our best tips for life and work. Check out the archives and subscribe here.

  • Subscribe via RSS — but note that Google Reader is going away in July! Use Google Takeout to transition your feeds to Feedly or another service.

  • Who it’s for: Side-hustlers, solopreneurs, those working in corporate jobs who are looking to create a more balanced, sustainable career or switch things up. People who value health, happiness, creativity, positivity, freedom and entrepreneurship (whether in or outside of a company).

  • Frequency of posts: 1-2 posts a week (from me) that explore the intersection of mind, body and business, much like what I am already writing at LAC and in my JB Newsletter. Get blog posts delivered via email here.

  • Bi-weekly(ish) newsletter with "behind the curtain" updates on my business. Check out the archives and subscribe here.

  • Subscribe via RSS — but note that Google Reader is going away in July! Use Google Takeout to transition your feeds to Feedly or another service.

I think that's it for now . . . any big questions for me around all of this transition? If so, let me know in the comments!