Welcome to the Real World (+Giveaway!)


I love symbolism. I’m a sucker for all those stars-aligned, metaphoric, mystical happenings in the world. I don’t know about you, but I eat it up for breakfast. So it’s certainly not lost on me that I am writing about Lauren Berger’s new book Welcome to the Real World: Finding Your Place, Perfecting Your Work, And Turning Your Job into a Dream Career on the anniversary of a day that’s been pretty darn important to my life so far. I’m writing this post on June 10, 2014. Today is the three year anniversary of my high school graduation.

I just finished my junior year of college. I’ve completed three full years--to the day--of college student life. This summer I have my first internship that does not require me to wear the same exact camp counselor shirt. (Dude, I even have my own office. Score.)

The one year countdown to the “real world” has begun. And I’m kind of glad to have Berger’s Welcome to the Real World as my side-kick.

Known to her followers as “The Intern Queen,” Lauren Berger has built a brand around empowering students and recent grads throughout their internship and career journeys. By the time she finished college, Berger had successfully interned at a grand total of 15 companies. In less than ten years, she’s transformed from eager intern to weary assistant to poised and polished CEO. I think we can all take a page out of her book (yes, pun intended).

Berger’s second book, Welcome to the Real World, guides you through your first, second and third job. While geared towards the young, newly-professional woman, the book offers a thorough look into modern-day workplace expectations and culture. Whether you’re just about the enter the “real world” or want to brush up on the most current tools and techniques to make the most of your job, Welcome to the Real World is a great place to start.

Some bite-sized wisdom from The Intern Queen

On success

“Success means being happy in the way you’re spending your time every day. Success is being able to constantly grow and learn, to make mistakes and then pick yourself up the next day.”

On confidence

“Confidence comes from experiencing things and just living life.”

On rejection

“Rejection doesn’t mean never, it just means not right now. … One way to move forward is by having multiple projects going on at the same time. … I find that the more baskets I have, the less likely rejection will ruin my day.”

On humility

“Your boss isn’t a mind reader and remember, you are expected to do a good job and to do your work--that’s part of the job description.”

On career development

“I’d rather you hustle and be happy than make a ton of money and be miserable.”

Book Giveaway!

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Was there a specific moment you felt you had officially entered “the real world”?

What would you have done to better prepare yourself for your first job?

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