Seomoz's Web 2.0 Awards: Recipe Site Winners

Seomoz's Web 2.0 Awards highlight 170 interesting websites in 41 categories, and I always have fun scouring the list for new online applications. Based on winners from their "food" category, here are three recipe sites to add to your repertoire: Im Cooked From Seomoz: "An entire site dedicated to food, Im Cooked lets members share recipes, make friends, watch cooking videos and learn more about culinary arts without the frills that often come with gourmet food television shows and websites."

Recipe Key Similar to Super Cook, Recipe Key allows you to find ingredients based on the items in your pantry.

Cocktail Builder From Seomoz: "Have a lot of bar fixings lying around and aren't sure what to do with them? Enter your ingredients into the Cocktail Builder and let it tell you which concoctions you can make! Find recipes, drink suggestions and purchase bar paraphernalia."