OMG. OMFG. I am going to try to stop hyperventilating long enough to breathe and write this blog post. Suze Orman knows we exist!! That's right, Suze FREAKING Orman, my idol of all idols. And she taped a video for Life After College! When Orman's media team got in touch and asked me to submit a question for her to answer via video, I was tempted to ask "HOW CAN I BE YOU?!" but came to my senses and went with something more practical (props to Lauren for suggesting the winning question via Twitter). I'm thrilled to report that she and her team came through, and that my life is now complete! Okay, well close :)

The question:

A good portion of my audience would describe themselves as "Young, Fabulous and Broke" - as your book is so aptly named. What is the most important thing for recent graduates to remember as they try to balance paying bills, having fun, paying off student loans and saving for retirement? How should they prioritize all those things?

Suze's Response (Click here to open in a new window):

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