The Dreaded Snooze...and a Tip for Avoiding it

I completely overslept today. Snoozed first, then in a sleepy haze turned my alarm off completely, stuffed it under my pillow and went back to sleep. For TWO hours. Thankfully by the time I woke up I still had a chance to make it to work before my first meeting. I've got a snooze habit, and ever since I've returned from the holidays its been worse than usual. I wanted to share one of my strategies for avoiding "the snooze" - it's not something I do every day, but it can help for a few days to get you back on track: Write an 'I will' statement the night before on a piece of paper, particularly if you've got a busy morning ahead. For example: "I will wake up at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. I will not snooze. I will shower at 5:10. I will leave the house by 5:30...and so on." The benefits: planning your morning in advance, writing it down and being specific all help commit you to your plan. And make you feel that much more guilty if you break it.