Twenty Seven + A Small Request

Happy Birthday CupcakeTwenty-seven, y'all. Not twenty-one (woo! Vegas!), not 25 (hello quarter-life crisis), but twenty-SEVEN. And yes I am still blogging about life after college, because I hereby grant that term an extension to include the rest of my life. I don't usually make a big deal out of my birthday, so I feel a little silly about posting something today. But I'd like to put together a rotating testimonial blurb, inspired by my genius blogger-turned-BFF friend Elisa, and I'm wondering if you can help. (I also just couldn't resist posting this adorable picture.)

If Life After College has inspired or helped you in some way, would you leave me a comment describing how? Specific stories, big things, small things, you name it - l love it. I saw Ramit do this on his blog, and I immediately knew it would be the best birthday gift I could ever ask for.

Let me also take this chance to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. You are all rock stars, and I'm lucky to get to share this corner of the Internet with you. Cupcake cheers all around! :D


To celebrate I'm taking a burlesque dance class (first time - can't wait!), then headed off on a weekend getaway with two of my closest friends. Might take me a little while to reply to your comments, but as always - I read and cherish every single one.