Two Free Workshops Next Week! Get Promoted + Pivot Your Career

Written by Jenny Blake Hi All! I'm excited to announce two free classes coming up next week for the LAC community. If you're staring down a big career transition or specifically aiming to get promoted, we've got just the recipes you need — practical, tactical hands-on steps and tools. Would you expect anything less? :) I've included more information on each below.

Get Promoted: The Nitty Gritty Details from an HR Insider

Workshop Leader: Melissa Anzman Date/Time: Tuesday, March 11th at 12pm ET Cost: Free! Link to Register

Moving up the ladder used to accurately describe the way you navigated a company. Just 15 years ago, the standard formula to calculate promotions centered around how many years you had been at the company combined with your tenure in the position. In other words, how much time you’ve sat your butt in the same seat.

That’s not the case any longer for 95% of the workforce. Thankfully for high performers, the formula components have shifted to focus more on capability, output, potential, and results, instead of just time. But with this shift, the way to GET PROMOTED has changed significantly as well.

With so many different components driving promotion decisions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. So let’s change that, shall we?

In this free webinar, you're going to learn all about the promotion life-cycle -- the steps and process to get promoted. Soup-to-nuts promotion, baby. Not just high-level stuff, but the nitty gritty details of what happens and how candidates are considered.

Specifically, you will learn where you can influence the promotion process so your name will be part of the conversation next time around.

Ten Big Ideas to Pivot Your Career (in partnership with en*theos)

Workshop Leader: Jenny Blake Date/Time: Thursday, March 13th at 3pm ET Cost: Free! Link to Watch Live (no need to register in advance)

I've joined forces with the en*theos Academy for Optimal Living to offer a free monthly class for their community (and mine!). First up is 10 Big Ideas for How to Pivot Your Career:

Do you ever feel tired, overworked, burned out or unfulfilled? Are you staring wistfully out the window wishing you could do something about it, if only you could find the courage? Or has life suddenly hit you with a “cosmic 2x4”1 that is forcing you to take stock of where you are now and where you want to go?

Just about all of us have had the rug-pulled-out-from-under-us feeling at one time or another, and whether it’s triggered by health, wealth, relationships or career (or a tsunami of all of the above), the process for moving through that period of intense transition can feel lonely, confusing, and at times debilitating.

Although it can be intensely uncomfortable to realize you’re bumping up against a career or life ceiling, it is actually a golden opportunity — a pivotal and critical time in life — to harness the call to adventure within you and honor your human drive for creativity, growth and meaning.

In this workshop I will be teaching a live step-by-step process for how to pivot your career by building on what’s already working as you shift in exciting new directions. Check out my free Top 10 Big Ideas and join us live next Thursday.

I look forward to "seeing" you then!

Life After College Coaching — 10 Spots Available for Spring

Jenny Blake - Author, Speaker, CoachSpeaking of making major career changes and carving a path toward meaningful work, I've partnered up with an amazing coach Rebecca Fraser-Thill — a Bates College psychology professor and founder of Working Self — to launch a Spring coaching program for twenty-somethings. We are now accepting applications for our program that kicks off in April.

If you are unsure about what you want to do next, what your strengths and values are, and how to harness them into energizing and meaningful work, then look no further! We're here to help. Even once you do know what you want to do (or at least what industry you want to work in), you may feel lost on the practical next steps of how to actually get there.

About our Coaching Program 

Rebecca Fraser-Thill

Together we have over 20 years combined experience working with twenty-somethings. Both of us care deeply about helping clients find meaningful, thrilling work (and lives to match), and work collaboratively on every step of the coaching processes we’ve each refined over the years. When you sign-up to work with one of us, you’re actually getting the shared wisdom and mastermind power of both!

If you are interested, you can learn more about how our coaching works here, and click here to apply.

If we think we might be a fit for working together, one of us will reply to schedule a complimentary 30-minute get-to-know you call to go over your goals, the program details, and answer any questions. No matter what, you'll leave the call with greater clarity and a handful of resources to move you forward.

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Jenny

Jenny Blake is a bestselling author of Life After College, a career and business coach and an international speaker who helps smart people organize their brain, move beyond burnout, and build sustainable, dynamic careers they love. Jenny combines her love of technology with her superpower of simplifying complexity to help clients through big transitions — often to pivot in their career or launch a book, blog or business.

Today you can find her here on this blog (in it's seventh year!) and at, where she explores the intersection of mind, body and business. Follow her on Twitter @jenny_blake.