Video Post: Life is Like a Box of Cupcakes

While at Sprinkles Cupcakes today I couldn't resist but film a little video for you. In this video, I give thanks to my lovely readers (that's you, hot stuff), share my cupcakes-as-metaphor-for-life-and-side-projects wisdom, and disclose my amazing method for eating a cupcake so that you maximize the bliss in every bite. The video (click here if you don't see it below) is just under 3 minutes:

Want an extra laugh? Watch the (embarrassing) outtakes of me and my dad actually eating the cupcake (per my ingenious method).

While you've got your volume up...

I've had the great honor of being featured in several other places this month:

Blog Talk Radio - Lindsey Pollak interviews me for a segment called "Modern Day Moonlighting: Why Two Jobs May Be Better Than One" (~20 minutes)

  • Podcast Description: Today we're talking about the popular phenomenon among young professionals of working a full-time job and pursuing other projects on the side. Why are people doing this and how do you make it work? I'll be talking with Jenny Blake, who works full-time at Google and runs a coaching and blogging business,, on the side.

Blogcast FM - Interview by Srinivas Rao (~45 minutes)

  • In this podcast, Srini and I talk about the following:
    • How I turned my post-college confusion into a successful blog
    • The intrinsic value of being a blogger
    • How to grow an audience without focusing on the typical marketing tactics
    • The no-pressure approach to starting a blog
    • The step by step process I used to find a literary agent
    • The numerous fringe benefits of sticking out in the blogosphere

Have a fantastic week everyone!