Video: Suze Orman Book Giveaway

I know you are all probably out barbecuing, soaking up the sun and generally unwinding - or so I hope - but it's book giveaway time again! I am giving away a copy of Suze Orman's The Road to Wealth (this one is the size of a door stop - it covers everything money-related you could ever want to know). Watch the video below for instructions on how to enter (hint: it's related to my money manifesto). The deadline is Friday, July 9, at which point I will pick a winner via

I am headed to Brazil to deliver coach training for a group of managers next week...wish me luck!

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone!


P.S. If you're in the mood to watch another short video, check out my thoughts on digital literacy - a submission for George Haines' video project. George is an elementary school teacher in New York working on an awesome video compilation about technology for his students: