Video: The Number One Tip for SXSW Newbies

Happy Monday from the road! I'm driving back to NYC from Pittsburgh today after spending the weekend at TEDxCMU, the same conference I spoke at last year (on Career in the Age of the App). I can't believe how much has changed in a year. When I gave that speech I was still working at Google, living in Mountain View, and my book release was 3 weeks out. It's insane how much can change when we start to follow the little whispers in our gut. It's like unraveling a loose thread -- following, following, twisting, turning -- until you end up with a whole new life at the end. For as uncomfortable as it can be at times, the unpredictability of life is a beautiful thing.

Video: The Most Important Piece of Advice I Have for SXSW Newbies (or for any conference)

No rest for the weary! In a few days I leave on another epic cross-country road-trip from NYC to Austin for South-by-Southwest Interactive with my good friends Sean, Willie and Mike.

It's tradition -- last year I cancelled my flight home to take a 19-hour road-trip to Vegas after meeting Sean and his friends three days prior. That's what I love about SXSW -- it always brings out my spontaneous side. I don't make any plans until five minutes beforehand, and I love it.

On that note, my friend Mike "Ambassador" Bruny is putting together a series for SXSW newbies, so Monique and I shared a few thoughts via video -- we got a kick-out of sharing the exact same most important tip at the end...check it out!

[youtube id="rnkb6WHeC5o"]

Have a wonderful week everyone! Apologies if I'm a bit MIA these next two's an awesome video to check-out in the meantime:

Where Good Ideas Come From (by Stephen Johnson)

[youtube id="NugRZGDbPFU"]