When Life Gets Crazy

I owe this post to a wise, wise friend who shared with me the following advice: When life gets crazy...lift the oars.

What does that mean? Stop trying so hard, fighting so much. Stop slogging through rocks, rapids and the chaos of your life with clenched jaws and fists. Let go. Relax. Take a break and let life happen for a little bit. Lift the damn oars.

Photo Credit: rosy_outlook (Flickr)

On a similar Zen-sounding water-friendly note, I also appreciate the following saying:

Don't push the river.

The river is a-flowing, baby. You are along for the ride. Life happens. Enjoy it. Rapids? Have fun. Learn. Get stronger. Smile.

Got any other "keep you going" sayings? Please share! No quote too cheesy. Seriously. Try me.