You're Invited: Free 4-Part "Inbox Freedom" Webinar Series

Hi all - just a quick post today to extend an invite to a free four-part "Inbox Freedom" webinar series that I'm co-leading with my friend Pierre Khawand of People On the Go. Each of the 30-minute installments will be part instruction, part workshop to help you get a better handle on your inbox. The series starts tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. PST -- join us if you can! Overwhelmed by email? For many of us, what we're doing isn't working when it comes to managing our inboxes. We know there is a better way, but we haven't found it yet. Pierre and I are here to help, as we also learn and practice right alongside you. I will bring the coaching/big picture perspective, and Pierre will help you focus on process with practical systems and tools. We will share tips and exercises that raise awareness (what types of emails cause the most stress/annoyance?), set vision (what is your ideal state of inbox management?), and brainstorm solutions (to help you start walking the talk).

Here's a brief description from the sign-up page:

This four-week webinar series is designed to help you re-assess your behaviors and attitudes toward your e-mail inbox. Through a series of tips, demonstrations, and interactive exercises, we will teach you new practices to transform the way you look at email and manage e-mail. Your inbox activities will go from ad-hoc, inefficient, and anxiety-producing to structured, effective and anxiety-free. Instead of letting your inbox rule your mood and even your life, become the master of your own email domain through this four-part series.

Pre and post surveys: Those who participate in the pre- and post-surveys and attend all 4 webinars will get a free copy of the eBook “The New New Inbox--How Email and Social Media Changed Our Lives--The Complete Survey Report” ($19.95 value).

Hope to see you there!

**UPDATE: Listen to the recordings and sign-up below:

  • Session One: Awareness - Part 1 (~14 minutes, led by me) and Part 2 (~12 minutes, led by Pierre)
  • Session Two: Vision/Goals - Part 1 (me) / Part 2 (Pierre)
  • Session Three: Action/Next Steps - Part 1 (me) / Part 2 (Pierre)
  • Session Four: Putting it all Together - Part 1 (me) / Part 2 (Pierre & Jared)


P.S. Keep an eye out for my next trailer videos will be ready any day now - can't wait to show you!