It's-Almost-May Giveaway Day!

Butterfly ImageAs someone whose mood is directly linked to the weather (for better or for worse), I find myself practically skipping as I write this post...Spring is springing, people! A colony of butterflies in my brain just got their wings. And yes, I realize that sounds like I'm on drugs. A drug called Sunshine! And coffee. Too much coffee... It gives me great pleasure to bring you not one...not two...but THREE giveaways today as a thank you for being the best readers on the planet! Details on how to enter are in the footer of the post.

» Giveaway #1: A copy of Neil Pasricha's The Book of EVEN MORE Awesome I reviewed Neil's first book last year, and I'm so excited to announce that he's already releasing book! Neil is an amazing writer who brings optimism, laughs and great perspective with his quirky and heartfelt lists of Awesome Things. I can't help but smile when I read his work -- The Book of Even More Awesome had me grinning from ear-to-ear. Check out #256 - When the Bass Kicks In (one of my favorite things too!) to watch the awesome book trailer video.

» Giveaway #2: THREE sets of Business Cards from ($70 value each) Working on a side hustle and declaring the start of {Your Name} Enterprises? Need some business cards that are just for you (not your company)? Enter to win one of three sets of business cards from that you can use to promote your business...or to give random hot Italian waiters your number (I know nothing about this).

» Giveaway #3: A Kodak EasyShare digital camera (~$60 value) from National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Remember that one time I had my car broken into and my laptop, Italian leather bag, Flipcam and Moleskine stolen? Yeah, that sucked. When I tried to get my bag covered by my homeowner's insurance, I was told that I needed a receipt (it was a gift) or at the very least a picture of me holding the bag. I had neither.

So it was particularly timely when Allie from NAIC reached out to me a week later encouraging me to spread the word about how important it is to photograph your belongings for insurance purposes. Prior to the car incident, I would have shrugged this off. Now I'm sold - and want to share the digital camera as a boost for you to do the same. Even if you don't win -- I highly recommend you follow the NAIC's helpful home inventory tips. Unfortunately a similar thing just happened to Grace who also provides great reminders in her most recent post, Stolen.

A little insurance inventory education for all of us (from Allie):

"Do you know how much ‘stuff’ you own? Unfortunately, without a clear grasp of our property, our most prize possessions might not be covered by our homeowners or renters insurance. One of the best ways to make sure possessions are fully protected is to document them through a home inventory.

A home inventory basically involves documenting the “stuff” in your home to ensure all your favorite things are covered in case of a fire or emergency. As a young single, you might want to consider purchasing renters insurance to cover your possessions, even if living with roommates — don’t rely on the landlord’s insurance.

While there are several options for forming an inventory, a new option is an iPhone application called MyHOME The free app, from NAIC, lets you quickly photograph and capture images, descriptions, bar codes and serial numbers, and then stores them electronically for safekeeping. The app organizes information room by room and creates a back-up file for e-mail sharing."

How to Enter:

I've created three prompts on the Life After College Facebook page -- one for each giveaway (that way the entries don't get all jumbled in the comments here depending on who wants what). Respond to each prompt (no more than once, but you can answer all three) by Wednesday, May 4 for your chance to win!


Update: Speaking of giveaways, huge congrats to Sarah Peck and Amanda Hansen who won the Life After College launch day coaching session giveaway! If you didn't win but want a major life/inspiration/action plan boost, feel free to check out my coaching packages -- I would love to hear from you :)