Authors@Google Video: 10 Lessons I Learned During the Publishing Process

After hosting many authors at Google myself (before taking my leave of absence), I had the great pleasure of delivering my very own Authors@Google talk in March as part of the book tour kick-off. Below is a 38 minute video of my speech, where I take you behind the scenes of the publishing process and share 10 lessons that I learned in the process. Big thanks to Cliffbusters for the great intro!

Authors@Google: 10 Lessons I Learned During the Publishing Process

Click here to open the video in a new window, or here to purchase the book on Amazon!


Life After College - NYC Launch Party

Life After College Cupcakes! East-Coasters! I would LOVE for you to attend my book launch party in NYC next Thursday, hosted by NY Creative Interns (an incredible group of women who are helping with everything from a chocolate fountain to custom cupcakes to catering to gift bags, a DJ and photo booth). If you think it sounds more like a wedding than a launch party, you're right! This is it, baby. It's my big day - beyond a dream come true.

The party is made possible by the most amazing woman I've ever met, Ruth Ann Harnisch. When I was worried that my book would get written off as a pile of meaningless cliches, she encouraged me to bust through my upper limits and move forward anyway. She said she wanted to throw me a book launch party in NYC, which served as a beacon of light at the end of a very long creative tunnel. I'm thrilled to announce that the launch party is on May 12 at WIX Lounge - click here to RSVP!