Just because you're not seeing progress doesn't mean it isn't being made

Big goals, big decisions, big projects...big plans. We itch to see progress -- to know that our hard work is not wasted. We become desperate for answers -- to know that our brain's churning is not in vain. We are anxious to see results -- for confirmation that we are on the right track and/or not making a huge mistake.

We get nervous if we can't see progress or if we don't feel we're moving fast enough on a big decision.

So we pound on unlocked doors, not realizing that we will find our way through when we're ready.

Worse yet, we start comparing our (lack of) progress to others' success. We wonder why we don't have their level of happiness, income, notoriety, success. Comparison is a losing game and it robs us of enjoying our own pace of progress or decision-making.

Just because you don't see progress doesn't mean it isn't being made.

  • On big decisions: your gut collects dozens (if not thousands) of pieces of data every day. Just because you don't FEEL closer to a decision doesn't mean that it isn't around the corner. One day you will wake up and you will KNOW. Although we often feel like those decisions happen overnight, we tend to overlook the invisible path that progress took to get us there. Decisions blossom when they are ready...not a minute sooner. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and decide, but sometimes you need to give yourself time and space. It's a fine line. If you want help wrestling with a big decision, check out my decision-making template.
  • On big goals: With our biggest, hairiest goals it's easy feel scattered, confused, stalled or overwhelmed. Not to mention the times that we're just flat out LAID OUT at the bottom of an ugly, uncomfortable dip. Just because you haven't crossed the finish line doesn't mean that you aren't getting closer every day. This applies to weight loss, healthy eating, starting a business, learning a new skill and anything else that requires perseverance and hard work.

It's important to feel like we are headed in the right direction and to take meaningful action that moves us forward, but consider releasing the need to SEE progress at every turn.

Progress is often invisible to the naked eye. Imperceptible improvements start to accumulate right beneath our nose. Sometimes we're so busy looking at the horizon that we miss the thousand flowers blooming. Stop for a moment and breathe…relax…and trust. You are farther along than you think.

Where in your life might you be making progress even though you can't see (all of) it yet? What progress have you already made that you haven't yet acknowledged yourself for?

Big thanks to my dad, who inspired this post during one of our weekly walks.


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