Back-to-School for the Blogosphere: Launches Galore + A Book that Saves Lives

As summer winds down, many of us experience Birthday Party Syndrome -- which my friend Erin refers to as the sadness you experience after a fun weekend or vacation - just like when you were five years old and started crying when everyone left your birthday party (BPS is magnified in proportion to how much fun you had). The Wall Street Journal even ran an article yesterday about The Post-Labor Day Letdown. But September also brings the excitement of Fall, with crisp air, sweaters and soups all making their re-appearance. It's also back-to-school time for the blogosphere and there are launches galore! I'm excited to share a handful with you today -- meanwhile working furiously behind-the-scenes to get my own launch ready for next week.

$25 to Save a Life - "End Malaria" Book Launch

My friend Michael Bungay Stanier, in partnership with The Domino Project, is launching a book today that is greatly inspiring in its content AND its mission.

The book is called End Malaria: Bold Innovation, Limitless Generosity, and the Opportunity to Save a Life. None of the contributors or the publishing house are taking any money from sales, and Amazon makes no profit; instead, $20 from every sale goes to Malaria No More (a child dies every 45 seconds from malaria).

Here are the details:

  • The book has 62 thought leaders (download PDF list of contributors) writing around the topic of Great Work – how to do more of the stuff that matters and less of all the other stuff that fills up your day.
  • The book is divided into eight key areas of insight, including: Create Freedom, Disrupt Normal and Take Small Steps
  • $20 sends a mosquito net to a family in need and supports life-saving work in the fight against malaria
  • Malaria No More’s mission is to end malaria in Africa by 2015

Click here to buy the book on Amazon and save a life today, or watch the book trailer:

[youtube id="o73udN_Y3Z0"]

Other Exciting Launches:

  • Sean Ogle launches the next round of his Location Rebel program on the same day. Debating which one to sign-up for? Sean's program is AWESOME for those of you specifically looking to build a side-hustle doing affiliate marketing, SEO, copywriting and other Internet-related stuff. It applies to anyone for sure, but I found it particularly helpful (with templates, check-lists and great forum content) for those specific areas. He also has an awesome Location Rebel arsenal e-book that you can download for free.
  • Enrollment is now open for Jen Gresham's No Regrets Career Academy -- an 8-week course to help you with six key steps: 1) define success, 2) understand yourself, 3) overcome your fear, 4) research, 5) position/package, and 6) market.
  • The UBER fabulous power-duo of Natalies - Natalie Sisson and Natalie McNeil (both have killer messages and websites) launch their WE Mastermind program for female entrepreneurs (with a chance to win $5K to launch your business). Theirs is a six-month program "designed for women wanting to play a bigger game and turn their passion or expertise into a product or service that will lead to a profitable online business that allows them to live the lifestyle they desire."


Don't feel like you have to sign-up for everything (or anything, for that matter) -- if something jumps out and fits YOUR life with where YOU are right now, great! If not, there are plenty of free resources available. I'd be happy to refer you to other great resources if you tell me what you're looking for in the comments -- it's one of my favorite things to do!

And stay tuned for an amazing guest post from Mars Dorian tomorrow -- it might just be my favorite piece of blog content so far this year :)