Fun for a Friday

I'm taking a break from being so serious all the time. Here are some fun (hilarious, actually) websites that have nothing to do with your career, your bank account, or your life dreams. Enjoy! Passive Aggressive Notes (Painfully polite and hilariously hostile messages)

Sorry I Missed Your Party (Pictures of other people's parties from Flickr)

Fail Blog (Mishaps, mistakes and other unfortunate incidents captured and shared for the world to see)

Vice Do's and Dont's (similar theme - laughing at others' expense...I'm starting to feel guilty about that, but here it is anyway)

The Office Life (The ridiculous business jargon dictionary)

Daily Puppy (Your Daily Fix for Puppy Pictures) and Cute Overload (all kinds of animals, all kinds of cuteness)

Now I KNOW some of you reading this have your own artillery of funny sites and would like to give me (and others) a much-needed laugh by leaving them as a comment. Plus, comments on my blog make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.