Super Cook: A New Twist on Recipe Search

I've neglected posting to the food category of this blog, mostly because I'm a terrible cook and spoiled by Google food. That said, I just got a reader tip about a fantastic recipe search engine called Super Cook: Recipe Search, Served Well Done. The site allows you to search for recipes based on ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. There's a box on the left called "Your Kitchen" that keeps track of the ingredients you list (the site says "for best results enter all the ingredients you have at home"). Recipes will then populate on the right-hand side of the page based on the ingredients you've listed. You can view all results at once or filter by Starters, Entrees and Desserts. Funny side note: I used "garlic" as a test ingredient and a few desserts actually came up! Lemon-garlic sorbet anyone?

To learn more, you can take a tour or read the excerpt from their About page below: "Most recipe search engines are very simple: a user types a query (like 'shrimp with garlic') and the engine returns a list of recipes which contain those words. Typically, the recipes returned will require many additional ingredients the user might not have at home. When coming across an interesting recipe, the user then either leaves out the additional ingredients or heads out to the supermarket to buy them. It is precisely this problem that Supercook aims to solve. Supercook returns recipes you can actually make right now with the ingredients you have."

Happy searching, cooking and eating!