Happy Two Year Blogiversary to Life After College!

Just as babies born near Christmas forever have their birthdays lumped in to holiday celebrations, my blog's two year anniversary happens to fall squarely into the annual "best-of blog" posts and year-end reflection round-ups. But such is life! It gives me a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Or should I use a cupcake? I started this website in March of 2006 as a resource for college grads (and as an excuse to practice my new-at-the-time HTML/CSS skills). After letting it sit painfully unfinished for two years, I added the blog in 2007, revamped the look and feel in January of 2008, stumbled around a bit and now FINALLY feel like I've gotten some traction (and beloved readers!) in the last year of blogging in 2009. (Check-out last year's round-up here).

Personal Milestones:

I'm proud to report that in the last year, I successfully completed the following:

Blog Stats:

  • In the last month, I received 7,000+ visits (13,500 page views) from 97 countries - that's double last year's visitor stats.
  • The top two referring keywords are "life after college" (~600 visits this month, not including the hundreds of variations on that query) and - surprisingly - life checklist template (147 visits).
  • My favorite quirky searches that led to my blog are "I don't date," "dating sometimes you just have to go through the bad ones" and "are Harvard graduates really the smartest people in the world?" No - UCLA grads are, obviously!

Blog Features and Accolades:

My Favorite Life After College Posts of 2009:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Your energy, enthusiasm, support and presence here on Life After College mean the absolute world to me. This blog has changed my life, and you are an enormous part of that. Hugs, kisses and cupcakes all around!


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